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Starting as an accidental journey into another world, two young children, Amy and Liz, end up kicking off a dangerous power struggle that will rekindle ancient evils. The small town of Mosscreek is at the center of the mystery, the action, the horror and perhaps even...Romance.

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New Schedule!

06 Oct 2016

I'm planning on going to next summer, so in preparation for that I'm going to be mixing up the schedule for Mosscreek Divide and Exotic Watermelon Exo.

I'm going to trade off weeks. So that means I'll be updating each webcomic every other Wednesday! That means a little less Mosscreek Divide and a little more Watermelon. But I'll be able to keep both going, instead of stopping one or the other!

Thank you for keeping with me this whole time, and hopefully this schedule will let me be a little less stressed and frantic.


01 Apr 2015

Emerald City Comicon!

25 Mar 2015

That's right! I'll be at ECCC!

I hope if you read this message and you're going to go, that you'll seek me out! I'll be giving special gifts and selling a special Mosscreek Divide book there!

Here's a map!

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