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07 Oct 2019

Who got caught in the web.... no that's not quite's a what.

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lazesummerstone, 07 Oct 2019

The spider persists... I’m becoming more convinced that it’s been following me.

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DianaJones, 07 Oct 2019

this photo was peaceful and then it wasn't and then it kept getting less peaceful the more I noticed about it and now I'm frightened

UnknownStardust, 08 Oct 2019

@DianaJones: same

Get ze flammenverfer

Tooniator (Guest), 08 Oct 2019

Looks like we are having a picnic in the cool dappled shade of the forest.

WarDragonComic, 08 Oct 2019

Big scary spider-creature.
And a dead body on the bench...
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