Watercolor 20

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08 Oct 2018

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lazesummerstone, 08 Oct 2018

Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

My little stalker, I know now, why he’s followed me. He was protecting me. And now after fighting that demon-ghost-creature that had me trapped in this ruined place, he lays still. I can’t tell if he’s alive, or just unconscious. I don’t know if he can hear me. He just lays there, reflected in a pool of dirty water at my feet.

I’ll return, and check on him.

Goodbye little friend.

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Flame Shadow, 08 Oct 2018

I don't comment much but I wanted to take a moment to say that I've been really enjoying your watercolor work. The colors and scenery are captivating

Ralend, 08 Oct 2018

I like the stonework on this one

Aw :(

But, seriously, you're really good at this! I love the stones!

Kapoodles (Guest), 10 Oct 2018

Poor Sweetie!

What a sweet little thing... too sad to be left in there alone...

how could you just leave him all by himself?!


Gorgeous work! Thank you so much for sharing! Hope the little guy is okay!
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