Watercolor 18

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10 Sep 2018

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lazesummerstone, 10 Sep 2018

Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

At the base of the obelisk object is a sharp wedge cut away and a stairway leading down. I’m honestly too afraid to go further or even peer over the edge into the recess. I’m surrounded by rock walls on all sides and among the company of ghosts or worse. Perhaps this is enough to appease the demon.

I’ll go further along the dotted line these relics make, and see if there are more, hopefully less creepy things to discover.

User Comments:

Cool! You're really good with watercolors... I have absolutely no idea how to use them.

beckster, 10 Sep 2018

Loving this series

These watercolors are so intriguing and just suck you into the story. You are endlessly creative and talented.

Ahamkara (Guest), 13 Sep 2018

Great art

You are an amazing artist, o reader mine.
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