Watercolor 10

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27 May 2018

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lazesummerstone, 27 May 2018

Excerpt from Watercolor book:


Something bad happened. I'm sitting here on the ferry back to town, only I don't remember what happened before I boarded. I have a bad scrape to my left arm, and the side of my head is bleeding, which must be how my last painting got so blood covered. It's not life threatening I think, but the people around me are sneaking glances in my direction.

The only explanation I can come up with is that I knocked myself really hard on a rock in that cave and somehow stumbled back here, but it must've scrambled my brain pretty good.

But I'm finding bits of paper from my notebook with unintelligible writing (along with my own blood). "Dangerous" "the restraint" "Kill Firepeak" "...told me I will not remember" "Children of mosscreek"

I don't like it. Maybe it's time I learned my lesson to stay away.

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Ralend, 27 May 2018

@lazesummerstone: I remember spelunking being more fun

The Orange Cow, 28 May 2018

Something something Firepeak? Sounds like someone to search out!


Up in the top right it says "KILL FIREPEAK"

And then on the left it says "FIREPEAK IS DANGEROUS"

Then bottom left it says "Mosscreek FIREPEAK PLEASE HELP"

...should I be worried?

guy (Guest), 29 May 2018


Bobmud (Guest), 10 Jun 2018

Well that escalated quickly....

V (Guest), 16 Jun 2018

Love these watercolors! A great storytelling framing device for this eerie little expedition...
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