Chapter 3 - Page 83

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12 Aug 2017

take THAT!

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Author's Comments:

lazesummerstone, 12 Aug 2017


This'll be the final page of Greg and his...perhaps friend?
Was the Flannel shirt exchange thing too on the nose? :D

User Comments:

TheJGamer, 12 Aug 2017

Oh, he's intelligent enough to wear a shirt and speak English, heh.

HonorBoundFate, 12 Aug 2017

Flannel shirt...

Life is strange is in the same universe as mosscreek divide, max got her powers from aliens.
Dun Dun Dun

The Orange Cow, 13 Aug 2017

Cold resistance +2

tim tom (Guest), 26 Aug 2017

@The Orange Cow: hey that looks like markiplier's lucky flannel! huh... WAIT! is Greg that markiplier fan that stole mark's red lucky flannel? (insert completely unnecessary x-files theme here)

lazesummerstone, 26 Aug 2017

@tim tom: OMG!!
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