Chapter 3 - Page 82

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28 Jul 2017


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lazesummerstone, 28 Jul 2017

Getting a little close

Things are getting a little intimate here.. or maybe everything is just right. I have the feeling Greg doesn't even know how he feels about his interactions with this formerly, alien-deer.

Sorry for the small delay, my internet service provider literally was down for a full day. :(

User Comments:

TheJGamer, 28 Jul 2017

Hm? Midnight? Sounds like a neat name!


Who's midnight again and why does he think he can see him?

The Orange Cow, 29 Jul 2017

Cryptic statements gogogogo!

MarioKong, 29 Jul 2017

Either this guy is completely bonkers, or things will have to be explained.

Cesarin (Guest), 29 Jul 2017

Hang on a second, does this means the kid was originally one of them?

I'm confused too.
It seems the creature confused him for his partner? o_o

.The_Sof., 04 Aug 2017

Maybe his dad was his other half?

tim tom (Guest), 21 Aug 2017


my apologies mr lazesummerstone for my impatience on the comic update. I promise not to be as impatient now that I know it updates every other week.

Sincerely, tim tom

P.S. titan master race :D
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