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28 Jun 2017

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lazesummerstone, 28 Jun 2017

Just blood

This may have occurred before...

User Comments:

TheJGamer, 28 Jun 2017

I remember this happening years ago!

Bobby (Guest), 28 Jun 2017

Oh no

That looks painful. Btw I've been reading both Mosscreek and Watermelon and I'm loving it! And also, is he gonna be okay? And does Amy still have a scar from when she got bit?

rebroff (Guest), 29 Jun 2017

It's like love fruit!

The Orange Cow, 29 Jun 2017

Hey now, if you didn't want him to bite you, why didn't you just tell him so?

ShadowStalker1128, 29 Jun 2017

These guys have a thing for biting people they like.

Dark_shadow, 29 Jun 2017

If I remember correctly

If I remember correctly it happened to Amy XD.

I like cats :3

I dun no, I didn't have anything else to write
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