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04 Jan 2017

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lazesummerstone, 04 Jan 2017


You ever have that friend that you call when you see a weird alien deer outside your bedroom window?

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corny jokes

He should have called Ellen ripley. (Enter rim shot here) Anyone no ok i'll stop.

SergeantSuicide, 06 Jan 2017

Oh great.

When's Oswaldo going to pull out the binoculars or the camera?

lazesummerstone, 14 Jan 2017

@SergeantSuicide: He was to late! LOL!!

Yeah andrew i seen a ufo once. Or maybe a reversed engeineered one couldn't make a call cause their was no signal.

Oh phew! Seems he's not falling prey to 'dumb protagonist syndrome'. ^^ Carry on~

...and yeah, I totally have that friend. Actually, I have multiple friends like that. Gotta have a good strong group if you're going to survive an encounter with the trout people. Just stay out of the mists coming off the creek and you should be alright.

lazesummerstone, 14 Jan 2017

@GrinningWolf24: It's okay the 'monsters' will still 'get' him.

You know you're hooked...

You know you're hooked when you check this webpage everyday. XD

The Orange Cow, 06 Apr 2017

Is it crying?

Also, it looked like it had red stuff on its mouth in the previous page. Assuming I'm not just colorblind, could it be an alien that decided to snack on a deer for a disguise?
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