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21 Dec 2016


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lazesummerstone, 21 Dec 2016

Uhhh....That alien deer just dissed me!

What do you even do in this situation... Will this thing come back? What is it? Have we seen it before...somewhere?

User Comments:

SergeantSuicide, 22 Dec 2016

It's going back to the Oblivion Gate

Say "Hi" to Mehrunes Dagon for me, Oswaldo! (Note : I now call the devil deer Oswaldo) (Also note : for some reason Oswaldo looks like some kind of daedra to me. Might be because I've been playing too much Oblivion lately.)

Khonsu00, 22 Dec 2016


@SergeantSuicide: Maybe he's going back to the Shimmering Isles, in which case, give my regards to Sheograth, tell him I've almost mastered the fishstick (a very delicate state of mind).

SergeantSuicide, 23 Dec 2016


@Khonsu00: maybe he's some kind of CROSS between a DEER, a spider, and one of the many REPTILES, and he was created by BOROUS in BIG MOUNTAIN!

This is the point in the horror movie where the dumb protagonist follows the obvious bad-news creature into the foreboding woods with no back-up, no supplies, and without telling anyone what's going on. And it always turns out so well, too.

Psyched to be back reading this again, Lazesummerstone! :D

lazesummerstone, 22 Dec 2016

You are really really right about that!

ShuggaChan (Guest), 22 Dec 2016

What was that?

That was dope, that's what that was.

lazesummerstone, 22 Dec 2016

@ShuggaChan: Haha Not something you see every day I guess~!

MistPirate (Guest), 23 Dec 2016


Wonder if he is looking for Liz and Amy '0'

The Orange Cow, 06 Apr 2017

So huggable...

It was an alien deer
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