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25 Mar 2015

A city a Dam... what's next?

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lazesummerstone, 25 Mar 2015

It starts with a page (or two)

This is the first page of Mosscreek Divide! I couldn't start it with only a page of scenery! So I'll put up page 2 right now!
(Oh and thank you thank you for taking a look! I hope you'll come back).

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TwistedFate101, 01 Oct 2016

Amazing ;---;

Your artistic talent is out of this world, oh my goodness! I joined this site even though I don't really believe I'm good at drawing-though I do have a feeling it's because I don't like my style and prefer others.

Mpire4 (Guest), 20 Apr 2017

I don't get it

The only thing in the story that bugged me was that the dam was thousands of years old. Did settlers just find it laying around? The only humans I think would have lived there thousands of years ago are the Native Americans. Yet the dam looks modern. It's a pain trying to figure it out. Do you think you could give a short explanation. Or would that spoil the contents of a later page?

lazesummerstone, 20 Apr 2017

@Mpire4: Yeah it was more of a thing of when the town was settled they found a pre-exsisting dam and then built something bigger around it. But I guess native Americans had been creating dams for thousands of years.

Huntered45, 20 Jul 2018

Mosscreek? I thought it said "Moosecreek"? Get it?
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