Mosscreek Divide

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06 Mar 2015

This is just a trailer

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lazesummerstone, 06 Mar 2015

Thank you!!

This is really a LONG TIME in the making. A story that I've been working on for most of my life. It's changed over the years over and over until now I think I really have something great to give to the world.
And I really hope people will give it a good look!

This thing will be launched on March 25th! 2015

User Comments:

Since your gone for the week or so I will go over the comic again to see if there is anything I missed.
Just in case you don't get notifications about messages

CanniBot (Guest), 20 Nov 2016

Been watching your streams for awhile but totally didn't know you had this cool comic! can't wait for more!!

Mr_Happy_Skull, 17 Jan 2018


@lazesummerstone I’ve gone through your Watermelon like 6 times and I almost exploded when I found this. Heh sorry for the spam of notifications but I really want ye to know how cool you are to me! ^w^
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