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18 Feb 2017

Hot..or not?
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lazesummerstone, 18 Feb 2017

Distracted this week~!

Sorry for being a little late! I got majorly distracted with different things like Resident Evil, and getting stuff ready for the upcoming Emerald City Comiccon! (I'll have a table there! please come seem me in the artist alley, table D-11) Also if you want more constant updates on the things that I do make sure to follow on Twitter @lazesummerstone -

User Comments:

TheJGamer, 18 Feb 2017

Well, someone's excited.

lazesummerstone, 20 Feb 2017

@TheJGamer: :D yes...maybe both!

florine (Guest), 19 Feb 2017


love this page, first panel is so dynamic!!

lazesummerstone, 20 Feb 2017

@florine: Thank ya Florine!

Dark_shadow, 20 Feb 2017

A wild theory appears

Ok here's a wild theory. What if the alien kissed Greg to some how take the form as Greg so later on they will steal Greg then they replace him with the alien Greg so they can get closer to Amy and Liz.

lazesummerstone, 20 Feb 2017

@Dark_shadow: whoa that's a good theory, but so good that i didn't even think of anything close to it!

Dark_shadow, 22 Feb 2017

@lazesummerstone: XD thanks


Is that teacher cold?
... Wait the angle of her arms the level of annoyance in her voice... THE DOCS ALIVE HE'S IN THE OLD WEST BUT HE'S ALIVE!

I can't wait for the next one I've been lurking lately. (Just reading pages)
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