Chapter 4 - Page 91

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17 Feb 2018

xklil lil lll xx

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lazesummerstone, 17 Feb 2018

Blood Effect

Blood gives knowledge. At least...a very small amount of blood. What about more?

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HonorBoundFate, 17 Feb 2018

I don't know about that but...

I'm pretty bloody tired.

XepherTim (Guest), 17 Feb 2018


So the blood gave them some knowledge of english(interesting how they just started speaking it though, involuntarily?), as well as an interesting color changing effect. Is it just a color change? Or would there be even further changes if more blood was consumed?

The Orange Cow, 17 Feb 2018

We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood; Fear the old blood

TheJGamer, 17 Feb 2018



That guy's face in the last made me laugh. Great job! :)

Strong little guy

Seriously, how strong do you have to be to rip a shirt sleeve like paper?!

lazesummerstone, 19 Feb 2018

@Too lazy for name: I wonder if the blood actually makes you a little stronger... the crystal made Liz hecka strong that one time...

ShuggaChan (Guest), 19 Feb 2018

Are the Arm and the Fist wearing armour plating or is that some kind of natural chitinous plating? It looks really cool!

lazesummerstone, 19 Feb 2018

@ShuggaChan: Yeah There's something that these two have consumed that make their bodies look like this.

Jinx (Guest), 22 Feb 2018

I knew it!

HA HA I called it!.... wait, those purple arms. they look familiar like when!.... oh no-

Winek, 23 Feb 2018

Damn, loving that series up to now!
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